mixed reality

Live Interactive Narratives and Games

With the wide-scale availability of mobile devices, and more recently the adoption of augmented reality (AR) technologies, researchers have manually authored narratives to document cultural heritage and community-based narratives or goals as well as procedurally generated narratives for various geo-locations populated with NPCs. My research focuses on the affordances and constraints of real-world geographic constraints, logistics, lifestyles to generate interactive experiences for the real world.

Mixed Reality Meets Procedural Content Generation in Video Games

The use of artificial intelligence and procedural content generation algorithms in mixed reality games is an unexplored space. We posit that these algorithms can enhance the gameplay experience in mixed reality games. We present two prototype games …

Procedural Level Generation for Augmented Reality Games

Mixed reality games are those in which virtual graphical assets are overlaid on the physical world. We explore the use of procedural content generation to enhance the gameplay experience in a prototype mixed reality game. Procedural content …