Little Computer People

The goal of this project is to model and study large populations of humans by simulating small-scale social interactions that take into account social influence dynamics, human behaviors, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and social science. We aim to support a variety of applications, such as examining the implications of social science theories and developing playable, explorable story worlds. We support novice and experienced researchers and game designers with the design of a multi-agent simulation frameworks, authoring tools, and engines capable of complex simulation of societies of social, digital humans.

Authoring Tools

A collection of thoughtfully designed, human-centered authoring tools, extensible software frameworks, and documentation for generating interactive narratives, and modeling human social systems. These research artefacts are developed within the context of an ongoing research agenda to integrate AI techniques from social simulation games and computational social science to enable storytelling, and data analysis for researchers that model and reason about the complex dynamics of human social behavior.

Live Interactive Narratives and Games

With the wide-scale availability of mobile devices, and more recently the adoption of augmented reality (AR) technologies, researchers have manually authored narratives to document cultural heritage and community-based narratives or goals as well as procedurally generated narratives for various geo-locations populated with NPCs. My research focuses on the affordances and constraints of real-world geographic constraints, logistics, lifestyles to generate interactive experiences for the real world.

Artificial Intelligence for Mixed Reality Entertainment

The use of artificial intelligence and procedural content generation algorithms in mixed reality experiences is an unexplored space. We posit that these algorithms can enhance the gameplay experience in mixed reality games.

Player Modeling

In this project we developed of an AI Game Playing agent that could play Isolation, a multiplayer puzzle game executed on a 8x8 grid. The proposed agent would be able to judge the personality type and skill level of the human playing the game and make moves to match this characterization of the player. In doing so, we aim to create a gaming system that is personalized - an important characteristic of an intelligent, interactive system.


An assorted collection of research projects and publications that I've contributed to in the past.