Authoring Tools

Authoring Tools

A collection of thoughtfully designed, human-centered authoring tools, extensible software frameworks, and documentation for generating interactive narratives, and modeling human social systems. These research artefacts are developed within the context of an ongoing research agenda to integrate AI techniques from social simulation games and computational social science to enable storytelling, and data analysis for researchers that model and reason about the complex dynamics of human social behavior.

Scheduling Live Interactive Narratives with Mixed-Integer Linear Programming

In this paper, we tackle the largely overlooked problem of scheduling a multiplayer interactive narrative and propose the Live Interactive Narrative Scheduling Problem (LINSP), which handles reasoning under temporal uncertainty, resource scheduling, and non-linear plot choices.

Mixed Reality Meets Procedural Content Generation in Video Games

The use of artificial intelligence and procedural content generation algorithms in mixed reality games is an unexplored space. We posit that these algorithms can enhance the gameplay experience in mixed reality games. We present two prototype games …

Procedural Level Generation for Augmented Reality Games

Mixed reality games are those in which virtual graphical assets are overlaid on the physical world. We explore the use of procedural content generation to enhance the gameplay experience in a prototype mixed reality game. Procedural content …